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Strategic Thinking for Managers

Executing Strategy through Tactics - Embracing Strategic Thinking

Are you a CEO or business owner?

This programme allows executive leadership to get more out of managers by embedding the concept of strategic thinking. The programme aims to have managers connect daily activities with strategic objectives of the organization through actionable plans to solve/pursue pressing organizational issues and opportunities.

Are you struggling to get your managers to think strategically and generate the business results required?

Develop the ability of managers to evaluate, analyze and make sound decisions that are aligned with revenue strategy.

Workshop & Personalized Coaching Over 3 Months

Who Should Attend?

Why this programme?

Strategic Thinking is the #1 most valued skill of leaders today.

Achieve greater success when managers carry out their day to day activities while thinking strategically.
See a return on investment within at least 3 months.

The demands of today's managers!!

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Who is this for?

Why this Programme?

Hulaine has been working with companies to grow revenues and improve business processes and execution. While working the CEOs and senior leadership teams Hulaine discovered that one of the biggest problem is that there is an issue executing brilliant strategies.

Many more companies would achieve greater success if their managers were to carry out their day to day activities while thinking strategic.

Business owners and CEOs need people who can navigate the dynamic environment, be aware of obstacles and deliver successful results.

However, if managers do not take time to survey the landscape regularly and act based on changes to achieve planned goals then the strategic planning event would not have achieved its objectives.

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Beverley Thompson

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