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Sales Training • Sales Consulting • Sales Leadership Development

Hulaine has been working with small, medium, and large businesses throughout the Caribbean.

We have trained hundreds of sales professionals over the years. Through research, customer feedback and testing, we developed a unique performance system that focus on behaviour change and results – The Hulaine Way.

our core values


We ensure that all engagements are ethical, credible and can stand up to professional scrutiny. Our clients have confidence in us as a trusted business partner and advisor.


We act and execute based on our customers' needs. At the heart of our engagment is a sense of urgency and laser-like focus on our clients' business priorities and their desire to maximize opportunities and mitigate risks.


We hold ourselves responsible and are committed to delivering on the agreed business outcome as we consider ourselves effective only when our clients succeed.

our mission

To energize the revenue engine of Caribbean businesses to deliver new standards of performance through sales and service excellence.

A tradition of transformation

Enabling Sales Teams for Peak Performance

We are comprised of associates and staff whose primary focus is our client’s success. Helping you to maximize your ROI

“I love creating Success Stories and enjoy the journey of the unknown”

– Beverley Thompson –
CEO & Award Winning Sales Trainer & Strategist

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Beverley Thompson

Welcome !

I am happy to share my journey and why I started Hulaine.

I am an award-winning sales leader, facilitator, speaker, author, wife, and mom with two dogs.

I am a Jamaican girl from humble beginnings, and my big dreams drive me!

When I left Oberlin High School, I did not go to University immediately. I could not get a corporate job because I did not have the qualifications.

My very first job at age 17 was selling snacks at a wholesale shop in Kingston. Other jobs lead me to working in meat shops, making burgers, selling door to door, and cashiering. Those experiences taught me a lot about life and the importance of serving and connecting with people from all walks of life. I am so grateful for them.

I promise to write a book to detail the interesting twists and turns of my life so any little girl with my background can be confident knowing that success is possible if you never let go of your dreams.

Fast forward to 20 years later. I worked my way to becoming a respected senior executive in the Telecommunications sector. (Columbus Communications – Flow, Cable & Wireless, and Digicel). My last corporate role in 2015 was Director, Consumer Sales & Retail Service at Columbus.

I became a service and sales strategist building teams and organizations from the ground up. I was always at the forefront of new products, changes, new technology, and start-ups. Some of my other roles include retail store manager, sales analyst, senior business sales executive, International Account Manager and  Director of Sales.

I was so passionate about serving that I won two global awards (The Stevie Award) in 2015 for transforming a retail organization using the pillar of Service-Based Selling. Within two years, the retail arm of the business improved its customer satisfaction levels and significantly exceeded targets. 

I started Hulaine Strategic Services in 2016 as, while working in corporate sector, I could not find customized sales training that focused on outcomes and business objectives. Today, Hulaine partners with organizations to provide performance improvement solutions in sales, service, and business development.

In my role as CEO of Hulaine, my team and I work with companies of all sizes and in a range of sectors namely: Finance/Insurance, Manufacturing, FMCG/Distribution, Real Estate, Logistics, Retail, Advertising, Security, Digital, Branding, and Communication & Telecoms.

Through sharing my authentic self, my purpose in life is to inspire others to be successful. I serve and support my community via Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram.

Team Hulaine is comprised of associates and staff whose primary focus is our client’s success.

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