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Why Choose Us

Hulaine’s primary focus is helping sales people and their organisations perform optimally. Our services are designed to impact key performance indicators of the sales infrastructure.

You are a corporate executive with responsibility for business performance and one of two things could be getting your attention now.

Scenario 1

  • You invested in sales training
  • Sales Executives returned very enthusiastic and excited
  • They expressed how motivated they felt
  • Promised to put what they learnt into practice
  • 3 months pass and no improvement

Scenario 2

  • Your company has a plan or a strategy to execute
  • It requires your team to meet big targets
  • Do you have the right people on board?
  • Does the team have the right skills you need now?
  • You need results and do not want to fail
  • Thinking about sales training but not sure about the approach
  • You also want to assess the current people you have

Hulaine removes the stress of figuring out what to do. We have built sales organisations from the ground up. So, we know the eco-system of a high performing sales team.

You know that sales training by itself does not bring about sustainable change. Only a customised programme focused on your unique challenges and opportunities will deliver on your business goals and objectives.

We will design a programme that is right for your team so you can feel assured that you will be a success in your role.

The Hulaine Way

Hulaine Strategic Services will bring it’s expertise to bear and evaluate the moving parts of your sales chassis. We believe that every sales organisation sits on a central foundation from which all other functional areas operate.

So whether it is target selling, sales effectiveness, people strategy, sales process or training; we take a comprehensive problem solving approach to identify gaps and opportunities and work closely with your leadership team to bring about significant changes that are aligned to business requirements.

Sales Strategy

If you are a SME business owner or a Sales Director/Manager leading a sales team, we will equip you with hands-on know how, for medium to short range planning as well as the execution of sales activations with precision. Revenue growth is strategic and requires careful planning.

Sales Training

We provide Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) as well as well as Face to Face (F2F). Upskill your team quickly with bite-sized learning or benefit from customised sales programmes that focus on your unique objectives and opportunities. We will design a programme that is right for you. We specialise in B2B sales development programmes.

Sales Leadership Development

Investing in the development of Sales Managers is the single most important thing an organisation must do. One effective Sales Manager will impact the performance of an entire sales team. Organisations who equip sales managers will experience staggering multiplier effects. We will provide the tools necessary to create an empowering Sales Culture.

Clients Results

Business Strategy Alignment

Developed Centre of Excellence sales curriculum in the business priorities

- Financial Group of Companies -

Improved Performance

19/20% growth YoY two years in a row - MFG expanded production capacity, improved processes and extended sales team.

Investment and Business Expansion

Developed revenue and product road map; client received investor funding and expanded business.

Sales Mastery & People ROI

Through coaching individual performance increased up to 30%

- Distribution, Finance -

Business Results Achieved

40% Sales increase for hard-to-sell product line. Met $3b sales for the first time.

- General Insurance -

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