Our Services

Hulaine’s primary focus is helping sales people and their organisations perform optimally. Our services are designed to impact key performance indicators of the sales infrastructure.

A Few KPIs to think about:

  • YoY sales-driven performance
  • Life Time Value of Customers
  • % of Sales Professionals who make target
  • Time to seller productivity
  • Adoption of Sales Process
  • Cross Sell Ratio


Sales Consulting

Hulaine Strategic Services will bring it’s expertise to bear and evaluate the moving parts of your sales chassis. We believe that every sales organisation sits on a central foundation from which all other functional areas operate. So whether it is target selling, sales effectiveness, people strategy, sales process or training; we take a comprehensive problem solving approach to identify gaps and opportunities and work closely with your leadership team to bring about significant changes that are aligned to business requirements.

Sales Training – Public Workshops

The sales profession is the only career where you get to decide how much you earn – That’s an amazing possibility! It can be a very rewarding career path if you do very well. However it takes a certain mind set and a unique set of skills and competences to be successful. Learn and apply cutting edge techniques that will differentiate you from the average sales representative in the market today.

Sales Training - Customised

Sales training is only an event and by itself does not change behaviour. Only a customised programme focused on your unique objectives and opportunities will deliver on your business objectives. We will design a programme that’s right for you. We specialise in B2B, Account Management and Consumer Sales learning plans.

Sales Strategy Design

If you are a SME business owner or a Sales Director/Manager leading a sales team, we will equip you with hands-on know how, for medium to short range planning as well as the execution of sales activations with precision. Revenue growth is strategic and requires careful planning.

Sales Leadership Development

Investing in the development of Sales Managers is the single most important thing an organisation must do. One effective Sales Manager will impact the performance of an entire sales team. Organisations who equip sales managers will experience staggering multiplier effects. We will provide the tools necessary to create an empowering Sales Culture.

Talent Assessments

Remove the guess work and hire the right talent for your business. Benchmark, create your role profile and recruit for fit. Build the team you want by knowing the characteristics of potential candidates and be empowered to create a self-directed team.

Sales Coaching

Coaching is the single most important activity a Sales Leader must make time for. We will teach your Sales Managers how to use coaching techniques to get the best from your team.