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Hulaine Strategic Services is a Sales Consulting and Training firm focused on enhancing the revenue infrastructure of Caribbean businesses; that is the Sales & Service Engine.

We provide Sales Training (Consumer & B2B), Sales Leadership Coaching, Sales Strategy Design and Sales Consulting Services to businesses and individuals who have made a decision to take their performance and careers to the next level. More specifically, Hulaine Strategic Services brings insight and experience while using proven and practical know how to help set new benchmarks that will drive revenue growth and professional advancement. We are passionate about ensuring that your investment returns a positive impact on your business and/or personal growth.

Our goal is to raise awareness among our business and individual clients and demonstrate that wherever you are on the performance timeline, you can improve and achieve extraordinary results through training, reinforcement, coaching and strategy.

Hulaine was started by our CEO, Beverley Thompson who spent many years leading sales and service teams. She is very passionate about guiding SMEs and corporates to transform their sales and service culture, competences and performance standards. She has earned the respect of her peers for always being at the forefront of start-ups and consumer adoption activities for new products, service initiatives and technology.

Beverley Thompson has built sales and customer service organisations from the ground up and fully understands the challenges of starting and running a business. Therefore, Hulaine’s team of experts operate with the knowledge that businesses at different stages of their lifecycle will need a partner who is deeply interested in accompanying them on the journey towards success. We also understand that the sales and service profession is a very dynamic and demanding one, and only a trained and empowered mind will get to the top of their game and remain there.

Some of the clients that we have worked with span several industries such as technology, security, shipping logistics and retail.

Hulaine’s philosophy is steeped in client results, customer experience and relationship building. We work closely with our clients to give them the edge in today’s competitive landscape.

Welcome and we looking forward to taking the next step with you!


What we do

We are the Caribbean’s Premier Sales Consulting company helping organisations navigate critical components of the sales organisation to build a sustainable revenue engine. Our philosophy is steeped in results, customer experience, value creation and relationship building.


To energize the revenue engine of Caribbean businesses to deliver new standards of performance through sales and service excellence. 

Our Values

Hulaine will only be effective when our clients are successful, therefore we are passionate about ensuring our customers achieve the results that are mutually agreed.

We act and execute based on our customers’ needs. At the heart of our engagement process is understanding our clients environment to solve problems and maximise opportunities.

We will ensure that all engagements are ethical, credible and can stand up to scrutiny. Our clients can rely on us to be a trusted partner.